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23.03.18, 12:07:37

Christophe Croze

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#113 - Interview with Raceorganizer Christophe Croze (in english)

Christophe Croze from France is my guest today here at Triathlon-Podcast. Christophe is a former professional triathlete who knows the triathlon sport especially in France inside out.

He was racing with Triathlon legends like Mark Allen, Scott Tinley, Dave Scott and many more back in the mid 80s until mid 90s. Now he is organizing the Race of Legends which will take place for the first time in summer 2018 in France.

What kind of experiences he gathered while doing the sport as a professional in France, when and how he came up with the idea of organizing the Race of Legends, who is planned to take part at his Race of Legends in summer 2018 – these and many other topics I will talk about with Christophe Croze during the next minutes. Enjoy…



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