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17.12.15, 12:46:50

Triathlon Live Talk on Body Temperature Control with Cosinuss and Guests

Aloha and welcome to the first english episode of Triathlon Live Talk. My name is Marco Sommer and today I have an interesting talk for you with Germany based startup Cosinuss on body temperature control, its benefits in endurance sports, pros and cons and much more. On the show we have Greta Kreuzer, founder and CEO of Cosinuss, Dr. Francois-Xavier Li (PhD) working at School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Birmingham in the UK and Bennie Lindberg, former successful pro triathlete and now well-known coach from Finland.

I hope that you will learn a lot during the next minutes and that you enjoy the recording. I also hope that you excuse the audio quality in some parts of the talk but as we are recording via Internet, we have no influence on internet connection.

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