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25.03.16, 00:16:18

Francesco Quartuccio - XMetrics

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#083 - Interview with Francesco Quartuccio from XMetrics (in english)

Aloha and welcome to another episode of Triathlon-Podcast. My name is Marco Sommer and today I have a very interesting interview for you with Francesco Quartuccio, VP Marketing & Sales of young startup XMetrics from Italy. They have launched their product which is related to swimming recently and it could be very interesting for all ambitious swimmers and triathletes out there. During the interview we talk about XMetrics, the functionality of the device, advantages of the product for swimmers & triathletes, where to buy the device and other topics.

I hope that you will learn a lot during the next minutes and that you enjoy the recording. I also hope that you will excuse the audio quality in some parts of the interview as it has been recorded via Skype.

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